A lot has been happening at MGR Consulting over the past few months and today we’d like to share some of our good news.

Welcome Jane Ryan

First up, I would like to welcome Jane Ryan, my lovely wife, to the business. She will be taking on the position of Commercial Director at MGR Consulting and will take care of a lot of the work behind the scenes.

Jane Ryan

Jane has been providing years of behind the scenes business development support for my previous business. In addition, she is a volunteer member of the management committee as well as treasurer for a registered charity. Her extensive experience will be invaluable.

Exciting New Clients

Leicestershire County Council

Next, I would like to welcome Leicestershire County Council (LCC) as a new client.

LCC have a number of third-party providers supplying accommodation to Services for Vulnerable People. These are currently not reporting a fire safety position which needs to be addressed.

We’ll be delivering an updated overview of existing third-party providers and potential providers to ensure the council has a complete overview of their position of fire safety across all areas.

We have also been tasked with delivering a complete evaluation of current fire safety delivery and suggest improvement.

In addition, we need to assist LCC in creating procedures for assessing new providers’ fire safety policies. We’re also helping in the creation of procedures and assessments to ensure correct levels of fire safety.

This is a short-term contract, running between 3 and 6 months.

Lincoln City Council

We would also like to welcome Lincoln City Council as a new client.

Lincoln City Council have several high-risk sites which have been fire risk assessed and have outstanding actions for remedial works. We have been tasked with delivering an assessment of current required actions and agree suitable work streams.

We will also manage the Safety Assurance Team (SAT) to deliver safety assurance across all areas of the housing directorate. In addition, we will assist the Council in setting a direction for the SAT team and ensure that all sites are brought up to standard with all works completed.

This is also a short contract (3 to 6 months).

Speaking at National Construction Week in October

I have been invited to speak at “National Construction Week” at the NEC on 8th October 2019. I will be giving a talk on “Fire and building safety after Grenfell” at 1:15pm; this talk will be repeated at 2:30pm.

The talk includes the 1st phase of implementation relating to the “Hackitt Report” and the subsequent consultations with professional bodies.

I will also be covering requirements for new high-rise residential buildings (HRRBs) following the consultation “Building a Safer Future”. This includes the process of “Gateway Points” as well as the roles of “Accountable Person” and “Building Safety Manager”.

If you’re interested, come along. It’s free to attend. If you just want to find out more about the Hackitt Report, you can find a summary here or have a look at our previous blog posts about the government consultation that ended in July.

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