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MGR Fire and facilities solutions

What we can do for you

With a diverse range of buildings managed and maintained across a number of years, we cover every aspect of public and private sectors, client and contractor sides, delivering pre / post build technical advice and oversight.

We are fully qualified and accredited to deliver; fire risk assessments, fire safety and technical advice (professional membership of IFE), fire door inspections, compartmentation surveys, H&S advice and training and we are Degree level facilities practitioners, covering every aspect of pre- and post-occupation, facilities, building advice and guidance.

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  • Dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations (DSEAR) assessments
  • Fire technical safety advice (Pre-build)
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Fire door inspections
  • Fire compartmentation surveys
  • Fire safety advice (general)
  • Fire strategy delivery
  • Fire audits (including signage, equipment etc.)
  • Fire safety training
  • H&S Advice
  • H&S training
  • Pre-build facilities advice
  • Strategic Facilities management advice
  • Facilities management service efficiency / re-design
  • Total Facilities management advice

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Fire technical safety advice

Fire risk assessments

Fire door inspections

Fire compartmentation surveys

Fire audits; signage, equipment etc.

Fire safety training

H&S Advice and training

Strategic Facilities management advice

Service efficiency / re-design



What We Can Do For You

We offer a complete range of buildings, fire safety & technical advice and health & safety guidance (on all aspects of: management, maintenance & training).

Pre and post occupancy, along with continued support to deliver all post completion occupancy checks. Including operating and maintenance manual supply and building hand over training and checks.

Establishment of pre-planned maintenance contracts and all other services requirement including on-going building management provision.

Fire & Building Regulations Advice

Advise clients, designers and construction companies on likely imminent changes to the fire and building regulations within UK

fire safety & technical advice

Act as “Building Safety Manager” as required under the new Fire Services Bill

Carry out; fire risk assessment, door & compartmentation surveys.

Deliver pre-build and post occupation technical advice & guidance across all aspects of building delivery & occupation

fire strategy

Produce specific building or whole site fire risk strategies for new or existing properties. Work with Architects to agree pre-build fire strategies for planning / local fire and rescue approval


Liaise with building design and construction teams pre – build or during refurbishment to ensure that all required systems and post occupancy requirements are considered at an early stage ensuring that costly simple mistakes / omissions do not occur prior to build / refurbishment

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A free telephone consultation which can be on any of the services we provide to include basic free advice on any potential questions you may have in the current climate of change.

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